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Most popular asked questions answered

How do you find the perfect photographer that will fit and help make the process of planning a stressful day go as seamlessly and stress free as possible and capturing that spontaneous candid moment? Yumi!!! I wish it was that easy. I totally get it, there are a ton of photographers out there. I encourage you to do your research and meet with several photographers that will fit your needs before making the final investment decision. Every time, after their meetings with other photographers, the couple will come back and hire me as their photographer to capture their most memorable once in a lifetime moment of their lives and beyond! Our first initial face to face meeting is the consultation. It is a meeting of the minds that is about an hour long to see if we are a good fit for each other and understanding what expectations are needed to be met in order to capture your day! Remember, you are hiring me, I work for you! After the consultation, you might make the final decision to move forward with me as your photographer, we will sign a wedding photography contract and a non-refundable deposit is to be made in order to lock in and book your event. You will then schedule your engagement session at least four to six months prior to wedding date. During the months and weeks leading up to your special day, we will be in contact to fine tune any details. Any vendors are welcome to collaborate with me to go over specific time lines and details. 

How to approach on capturing those candid "real" moments

"I was upset and anticipating on seeing the photos because I thought there was not going to be enough photos because it felt like I haven't seen the photographer the rest of the day and reception. Once we got the photos, I was so amazed and surprised how many were taken and how many key shots there were. She captured everything! Thanks Yumi! She's like a ninja." - Tanya & Steve

Every couple wants their special day to be perfect! Most times there are a lot going on that day, maybe your stylists are running behind, vendors running behind on deliveries, well, what ever the case may be there is always a resolution to every problem in my book. Stress may be one of the variables that can easily be shown in photos and sometimes capturing that candid moment is a beautiful one because it also tells the "story" of that day. That is where I step in to ease the situation. In the end, you both will be walking down that aisle and will be married to the one you love. Letting the Bride or Groom aware that don't allow the little things come in between Your moment. Some couples are not photogenic and that is quite alright. That is where I take the reigns.  It is my job to make sure that your photos are amazing and tell the story of your day. After 18+ Years of photographing, I have come across so many different challenging variables that led me to be quick on my feet and step in when necessary and allowing myself to adapt to any situation I come across.  The most important thing is making sure that you and your Groom are stress free so that your photos will express what is intended that day. Be you, be true and let me handle the rest!

What seperates you from other Photogrphers?

Professional Photographer with over 18+ Years of experience under my belt and Certified Personal trainer, both worlds under one roof. What separates me from other photographers is I go above and beyond what is expected and jump in challenging situations when necessary to ensure your day is stress free and flawless. I offer photography services and personal training  because looking and feeling your best in the most healthy minded approach on your day is important. I am a small business so my prices are reasonable to offer you the best services and products on the market today. If you are happy, I'm happy!  I attend yearly photography conferences and conventions to make sure my services and products are  up to date and top notch. What thrives and  keeps me moving forward is the reward of returning clients and referrals. I love my clients and I am their "BFF" for life!

Q & A

Q: What is a Engagement session and is it necessary?
A: An engagement session is not necessary, however, it is the perfect opportune time for us to get to know each other a little better and feel more comfortable in front of the lens on the day of the wedding. The engagement session takes up to 45min - 1hr long on location. Most couples utilize their engagement photos. For example, they can use them to save the dates, wedding invitations, printed photos to display on reception tables, or photo sign in guest books.

Q: What is the turn around time for the photos?

A: Typically my turn around time is 2.5 to 4 weeks after your photo scheduled date.

Q: Do we own the rights to the photos?

A: YES!!! What separates me from most photographers is I give you the copyright certificate to your own photos.

Q: Can my vendors contact you for any collaboration needed for the event?

A: ABSOLUTELY! I highly encourage any vendor to contact me especially your wedding coordinator, DJ, florist, etc. In order to create a stress free day, we all as vendors need to be in contact with each other and collaborate to make sure that, for example, your flowers are delivered for the before photos or so your DJ has a better idea of the photographic timeline to make sure we are on time for the Grand entrance for the reception and more. 

Q: What if we go over the contract time?

A: Not a problem. My day is reserved for you! Any extra time needed is an additional charge.
($75 1/2 Hr. or $150 hr. amount includes time & editing)

Q: What is the non-refundable deposit amount and why do we need to pay a deposit at time of booking?

A: Great question! A $600 Non-refundable deposit is require on the day of contract signing to ensure your event is locked in and booked. I receive several calls for wedding dates. Just think about it, there are only a few weekends in a year and every wedding season it's booked. I do not over lap wedding dates, one event per day. Once the deposit is received your wedding date is booked and no other Bride can take that away from you. 
It is "non- refundable" because due to the popular demand on your wedding date, I had to turn down business and that is lost business I can not schedule since I book well in advance. 

Q: Is tip included in the photography packages?

A: It is not but greatly appreciated. :)

Q: Do we count you in for a meal for the reception?

A: It is not required, but will work for food. TIP: If you ask your wedding venue coordinator about vendor meals they most likely offer meals just for vendors. Doing this can save you $$$ for a regular guest head count. 

Q: Do you suggest the Bride and Groom do a first look before the Ceremony?

A: This one is a tough question to answer only because every one has different views. However, I do highly recommend seeing each other before because you can capture so many photos and all of the necessary key photos before. You only have about an hour after the ceremony during cocktail hour to really capture everything. It can be done but time is limited and if you want to "get the most bang for your buck", I suggest doing photos before.  This is a planned and mapped out moment to capture the "first look" and any photos we can get in after the first look.

Q: What if the weather permits us to photograph outside?

A: Not a problem. There is a plan A, B, C, etc.  

Q: If we don't see a package that fits our needs do you offer custom packages?

A: Yes! I offer custom packages for intimate weddings on a smaller scale or LDS packages.

Q: We are not photogenic. How do you capture candid and real emotions?

A: That's where I step in as the "professional". Allow me to do my job. Don't "stress" and I will take care of  the rest. 

Q: My wedding is in the morning but our reception is later in the day. How does the contracted time work?

A: Very easy. I photograph the morning of how ever the duration it takes to finish our session then the time continues when I arrive at the reception location. NOTE: There may be an additional travel fee outside of the Phoenix area if travel is long distance from point A to point B. For example: Traveling from Phoenix to Sedona.

Q: Do you do destination weddings?

A: ABSOLUTELY! You receive a fantastic package deal. Ask for more details. 

Q: What do you love most about photography?

A: That I get to spend the day with the most awesome people ever and it's the happiest day of your lives! 

Q: How do you describe your style of photography?

A: Every Bride and couple are different and some may like vintage lighter photographs or some may prefer more dramatic. What ever style you love, I will collaborate with the couple of the expectations they seek and I adapt to fit their specific style. I can photograph any style you want. Your photography art is custom for YOU which makes it unique, timeless and special! 

Q: Do you offer printed photos  and canvas? Can my friends and family order directly from you?

A: Yes. I offer professionally printed photos and canvases ranging in all sizes and can be mailed directly to them anywhere in the United States  additional shipping may apply if out of the country. Your package includes an online proofing gallery for up to 90 Days active on our website and allows your guests to log in with a safe password provided by you that will then allow them to add photos into their shopping cart for purchase. The service turn around may take up to 2 to 3 Weeks after order have been placed.  

Q: How many hours do you think we will need on the day of?

A: 6+ hours is the suggested time for your wedding day. It all depends if we need getting ready photos and grand exit then we will need additional time.

Q: When is the remaining balance due?

A: The remaining balance is due 2 Weeks prior to wedding date. 

Q: Do you accept payment plans?

A: Yes. We accept monthly payments big or small. The remaining balance is due 2 Weeks prior to wedding date.

Q: Can we add a wedding album after the wedding?

A: Absolutely. If you choose a package that does not include a wedding album and you decide after the wedding you want to order one, you can! Any photography packages you may add on services or retail products but can not substitute or change once the contract is signed. 

Q: If I want to add personal training to my contract can I do so?

A: Yes. If you add on personal training to your package you will receive an exclusive discount for those services. 

Q: How long do you think I will need personal training?

A: It all depends on the goals you want to achieve. Typically, Bride's will book personal training 3x's a week for 4 to 6 months for amazing results.

Q: Do you offer day care for kids while I work out?

A: At this time we do not. However,  you may bring your kid(s) into the studio lobby if they are well behaved but we are not responsible and will not supervise.  Children under the age of 18 are not permitted into the fitness area due to heavy moving parts and machines.

Q: Do you have showers in your fitness studio?

A: Yes.